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For this vision to be realized, a working partnership between the Community, VDC/District leadership, Dwarika’s Foundation, Association Obrigado Portugal, relevant donors and the Nepal government is vital.


The groundwork for this partnership has been laid down and now both public and private funding has to be secured to allow the essential activities to proceed in the coming months.

Technical assistance will be provided by several groups and individuals and organized under the leadership of a newly formed village redevelopment committee together with the Dwarika’s foundation. This will be made up of elected and appointed representatives from each village and supported by qualified engineering, architectural and construction consultants and volunteers from several sources including Association Obrigado Portugal.

Funding and volunteer support for the geological hazard analysis, initial mapping and master planning to determine options for safe relocation to new village sites, the restoration of existing sites where this can be accomplished in a safe and sustainable manner and its implementation is underway.

Meanwhile specific situations are being addressed that rise from massive displacement for health, nutrition, educational, psychosocial and other physical and material needs. Preparation for reconstruction and restoration are ongoing to help instill a sense of self-worth, as the challenges of displacement from their ancestral homes continue.

The villagers understand that this process will unfold over a long period of time, possibly taking three years (plus), but they are resolved to try to realize this vision with the support of partners from the government, Dwarika’s Foundation, Association Obrigado Portugal and relevant donors.



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Association Obrigado Portugal

The Association Obrigado Portugal was created by the portuguese volunteers who stayed to help Nepal after the tragic events that followed the earthquake of 25th April, 2015. This Association is runned by independent and young people which only objctive is to help. More than 60 volunteers already came to provide humanitari an assistance to Nepal in the areas of architecture, geology, medicine, management and others. 

Besides helping implementing and managing Camp Hope, the Association is fully equipped to promot, plan and raise funds for the project Our Dream Village.

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Dwarika's Foundation

Dwarika's Group has been doing social work through the Dwarika's foundation for many years. They are a very prestigious Group in Nepal, with a big portfolio of interests in many areas. They have also been taking responsibility in the educational field and founded the Dwarika Das Secondary School in Chitwan.

The latest recent social project is caring for the people of Camp Hope, planning to materialize the vision of reconstructing the destroyed villages of the inhabitants of the camp, which are located in the area of Sindhulpachowk.

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The Duguna Gadi Villages Development Comity is an agregation of the community leaders from the different villages that were destroyed by the earthquake in the Sindhupalchowk District. This organization is responsible for several critical decisions in the project Our Dream Village such as the location of the villages and number of houses to be built. 

Besides that, they represent the voice of the people and victims. The voice of those who lost everything. They are the intermediate between the people and the project promotors such as the Dwarika's Foundation and Association Obrigado Portugal. 

For more information and inquiries, please contact us directly to:

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