The Our Dream Village project consists in building 6 new villages to re-alocate 1180 people in their home lands in a traditional, sustainable and earthquake resistant way.

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For this vision to be realized, a working partnership between the Community, VDC/District leadership, Dwarika’s Foundation, Mission Portugal, relevant donors and the Nepal government is vital.


The groundwork for this partnership has been laid down and now both public and private funding has to be secured to allow the essential activities to proceed in the coming months.

Technical assistance will be provided by several groups and individuals and organized under the leadership of a newly formed village redevelopment committee together with the Dwarika’s foundation. This will be made up of elected and appointed representatives from each village and supported by qualified engineering, architectural and construction consultants and volunteers and Mission Portugal.

Funding and volunteer support is underway for the geological hazard analysis, initial mapping and master planning to determine options for safe relocation to new village sites, the restoration of existing sites where this can be accomplished in a safe and sustainable manner.

Meanwhile specific situations are being addressed that rise from massive displacement for health, nutrition, educational, psychosocial and other physical and material needs. Preparation for reconstruction and restoration are ongoing to help instill a sense of self-worth and the challenges of displacement from their ancestral homes continue.

The villagers understand that this process will unfold over a long period of time, possibly taking three years (plus), but they are resolved to try to realize this vision with the support of partners from the government, Dwarika’s Foundation, Mission Portugal and relevant donors.

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We are happy and thankfull to welcome all volunteers who are willing to help.

Right now, we are still working on the organization and planning of the project but leave us your contact details and we will keep you posted about all the project developments, updates and how you can volunteer.


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We are happy and thankfulll to receive your donation from the result of a private conducted fundraising you make either among your Community, Company or NGO.

Please get in touch for further information and details of your the fundraising project.


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We are happy to welcome all sponsors to the project, so if you are interested please get in touch and together we can find the best way to engage in making this project a turning point to the lives of more than 1000 people, and generations to come.


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Our Dream Village project is not a fundraising platform, but we are happy and thankfull to receive your donations from individuals or groups.

if you are interested in making a donation, please contact us for further information.


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For more information and inquiries, please contact us directly to:

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