The Our Dream Village project consists in building 6 new villages to re-alocate 1180 people in their home lands in a traditional, sustainable and earthquake resistant way.

Budget for Priority Phase

The budget for the priority phase is 5.130.000 USD and based on 5 categories of costs: Houses, Logistics, School, Health and Infra-structures.

100.000 USD (2%)
  • Access and linking roads
1.500.000 USD (29%)
  • Temporary camps for villagers and volunteers on each location;
  • Food for villagers and volunteers;
  • Transport for material and people;
  • Utilities (tools, generator, fuel, etc..);
  • Management (Poject Manager, Engineers, Store Keeper, Accountant, etc...)
  • Communications;
  • Safety (medical supplies and first aid).
  • All access to water
3.330.000 USD (65%)
  • 222 Houses with the estimation of 15.000 USD per house. (no labour cost as building will be done by the community.) (excluded transport)
100.000 USD (2%)
  • Furnished school for 352 children and neighbouring villages.
100.000 USD (2%)
  • Furnished health center for all neighbouring villages.

For 1131 people

cost per person: 4.343 USD


For 222 houses

cost per house: 15.000 USD


For priority phase

total cost: 5.130.000 USD

Place of worship and prayer
Community Hall
Alternative Energies
Organic Farming
Responsible Tourism
Government Infra Structures

Re-building the Community in a Sustainable way

There is no budget for this phase as the aim is to find partners who could help the villagers to implement it.

The partnerships could be with the government, private and public sectors.

The areas to work include: Place of worship and prayer, Community Hall, Alternative Energies, Organic Farming, Responsible Tourism, Government Infra Structures, Trails, etc..


Know how can you help

Village overall: number of houses and total budget estimation

The total estimation cost includes the Houses cost, Temporary camps, Food, Transport, Utilities, Management, Communications, Safety, School, Health Center and infrastructures.

For more information on budget and investment analysis, please download here the Project Investment Brochure.

Lasingkuna 41 $ 952.472
Chime Dada 84 $ 1.892.823
Duguna Tole New 29 $ 675.048
Dada Tole 23 $ 543.836
Dhumithang 18 $ 434.493
Tanga, Karku, Tashi Thang 27 $ 631.311

Total of houses: 222


Total Estimated Budget: 5.130.000 USD

Download the Investment Brochure for all the information regarding the project’s budget and planning, and key figures.

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Download the Project Presentation

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