The Our Dream Village project consists in building 6 new villages to re-alocate 1180 people in their home lands in a traditional, sustainable and earthquake resistant way.

The villages that make up the Tatopani VDC area are reputed for their rich scenic beauty and equally splendid cultural heritage and strong traditions.


With an ethnically diverse social milieu, the Sherpas, Tamangs, Dalits, Chhetris and Brahmins have been coexisting in 14 neighboring villages for over five centuries. The basis of the economy has historically been subsistence farming and agriculture and, recently, tourism.

Tourism became a significant part of the economy as tourists discovered the potential of the place in terms of the wealth of natural beauty, culture and heritage with warm and welcoming people.

The area is knitted together by a string of jewels including Bhairav Kunda (Holy Lake) and the 160 year old Duguna Gardi (Fort) along with extraordinary views of the nearby Himalayan peaks to the north. The villages form a tight-knit community and the people are rich in cultural traditions and heritage.

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The earthquakes of April and May 2015, unleashed a string of traumatic and disastrous consequences.


They forced around 60% of the villagers to flee their villages and take shelter in temporary camps in Sindhupalchowk, Kathmandu and its vicinity.

Dwarika’s Foundation, Mission Portugal and their friends formed a partnership, which began as immediate relief distributing food and other aid to over 55,000 people. An IDP camp for 350 affected people was established in Boudha in the heart of Kathmandu on an old football field, now called Camp Hope. The rest of the 1,181 people from Tatopani, Sindhupalchowk are in other IDP camps.


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