The Our Dream Village project consists in building 6 new villages to re-alocate 1180 people in their home lands in a traditional, sustainable and earthquake resistant way.


The earthquakes unleashed a stream of traumatic and disastrous consequences. They forced around 60% of the villagers to flee their villages and to take shelter in temporary camps in Sindhupalchowk, Kathmandu and its vicinity.


Dwarika’s Foundation, Mission Portugal and their friends formed a partnership, which began as immediate relief, distributing food and other aid to over 55,000 people. An IDP camp for 350 affected people was established in Boudha in the heart of Kathmandu on an old football field, now called Camp Hope. The rest of the 1,181 people from Tatopani, Sindhupalchowk are in other IDP camps.
The partners are now involved in managing and caring for the people of Camp Hope. The purpose is not only giving shelter but providing a transitional home where the people feel safe and can live with dignity until they are able to return to their villages. The Camp is composed of 18 sleeping tents, a monastery, an office, a medical tent, a library, a study area, a hand work/adult literacy tent, a big and a small kitchen, a dining area, a food store and an open space for leisure activities.    

Besides the basic needs such as food, health and shelter, the partners also provide literacy and sustainability programs and skills that will be incremental in the building and development of their future villages (masonry, plumbing, electrician and carpentry). 81 children and youth have been enrolled in the nearby Samata School and College.    

Everybody is starting to rebuild their lives.


Dream Village

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