The Our Dream Village project consists in building 6 new villages to re-alocate 1180 people in their home lands in a traditional, sustainable and earthquake resistant way.

Villages overview and future locations

Duguna Yarmasing Villages are located in the mountains of the Himalayas at an altitude of around 2000 meters, 115 km from Kathmandu, close to the Nepal-Tibet border. It is composed of 14 villages with inhabitants of 5 ethnic groups: Sherpa (80%), Tamang (10%), Brahmin and Chhetri (7%) and Dalit (3%).

The 14 villages will be realocated into 6 new locations taking in account the space availability, the local heritage and community. The following charts shows the original distribution of the villages and the new agreed distribution.

Brahmin & Chhetri
41 houses
Chhimi Dada
84 houses
Duguna Tole
29 houses
Dada Tole
23 houses
18 houses
Tanga, Karku, Tashi Thang
27 houses
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