The Our Dream Village project consists in building 6 new villages to re-alocate 1180 people in their home lands in a traditional, sustainable and earthquake resistant way.

Project steps and goals

222 houses to be built as Phase One design. The extensions will happen depending on each one’s need and financial possibilities. Our project gives the utmost importance and priority to the safety of the lives of these families today.

Reconstruction and Livelihood work
  • Geological analysis of existing village land and the chosen substitute land;
  • Obtain permission from the concerned authorities;
  • Open access routes to the villages;
  • Provide access to safe drinking water;
  • Build the temporary camps (6) for workers plus volunteers at the building sites;
  • Develop and design safe homes;
  • Procurement of quotations and supply of materials;
  • Start building/construction of homes;
  • Support the villagers in coordinating with local authorities and bodies, participating in planning processes, monitoring and delivering services at local level;
  • Follow social mobilization process to listen to the voice of the target people and ensure their participation;
  • Revitalize farm activities (restoring farmland, farming, support/link with highly productive organic agriculture, technology transfer, marketlinkages, value-chain, participate in programs that support disaster affected farmers to resume farming, cooperating with universities, research institutions and related institutions);
  • Support and incorporate sustainable ecological supply and operating systems;
  • Support to promote individual livelihood and incomes generating skills such as knitting, sewing, weaving, craft making, vocational training, tourism and building trails to promote tourism
3rd quarter 2015
  • Vocacional Training
  • Fundraising
4th quarter 2015
  • Geological survey;
  • Detailed project;
  • Construction manual;
  • Procurement of quotations;
  • Material supply;
  • Building camps for workers and volunteers.
1st quarter 2016
  • Start the construction for Phase ONE
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